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Illinois Valley Comes Alive With Dead Folks for Z Day 5k In the world of zombie films, there is a major divide between slow, shuffling George Romero-style zombies, and Usain Bolt-like undead sprinters Danny Boyle pioneered for 28 Days Later. As weird as this may sound on the surface, let’s

Nope, not the spinning like in Sleeping Beauty—this is the bike issue, for goodness sake. Spinning is riding a stationary bike. If you love riding bicycles for exercise, but just can’t tolerate a helmet, then spin classes are the workout for you. Of course, you also have to be willing

Everyone travels by moving from Point A to Point B. And in a reductionist definition, that’s what parkour is. Only difference is that parkour means doing it with style. The freestyle walking, gymnastic-heavy sport/activity/lifestyle employs running, jumping, vaulting, swinging and any other tactic or natural feature available to make the

Game of Rapids   Don your booties and skirts. King of the Rogue, the Rogue Valley’s only current whitewater competition, will take place Sat., July 11 in Gold Hill at Tilomikh Falls (aka Powerhouse Rapid) this year. The race, promoted by Stephen Kiesling, is not just a race to encourage

Let’s face it. It is H-O-T here in the Rogue Valley right now. If that backyard slip n’ slide just isn’t cutting it, check out these nearby water options that are worth the trip. Bribe that friend with a car that has air conditioning with a little gas money, promise

And They’re Off! For those of us in Southern Oregon who didn’t make it to the Kentucky Derby or the Triple Crown this year, our chance to enjoy this age-old sport has arrived in our neighborhood. Racing on the Rogue horse races at the Grants Pass Downs located within the

What is more American than constructing a zipline in your backyard? Hopefully making the smart decision of leaving the ziplining to the professionals. Sure, that zipline your Dad built in the backyard growing up was epic. And those who have taken a cruise to Mexico think that true ziplines only

by Peter Gandesbery If you are looking for a way to put your body to the test, challenge yourself in a variety of ways and make this summer even hotter and cooler at the same time, a triathlon is the ultimate event to kick your own ass. They tend to

Return on the Jedi mountain bike race rounds out season In 1996, Bill Clinton was entering his second term, the first blog was launched, the global temperature was some few degrees cooler, and mountain biking was still a relatively new sport, and the equipment was crude, little better than big

How will the LNG affect water-based tourism in Southern Oregon? According to the American Sportsfishing Association, Oregon ranks seventh for non-resident fishing destinations for visiting anglers. That’s hundreds of thousands of visitors spending tens of millions and generating somewhere between 8,000-15,000 jobs. But for nearly a decade, Oregon has found itself