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Autumn is here once again, and with it comes to glorious bounty of the harvest. The shadows grow longer, the golden sunsets set the sky on fire, and smells like wood, caramel and straw bring back memories of harvest traditions and happy Halloween nights. When approaching the Harry & David

With only 10 minutes left in their game on September 30, the SOU Raiders were, once again, firmly in control, up 24-10 over Rocky Mountain. It was becoming a common position; dominating the game with high offense scores. But in the fourth quarter, their opponents suddenly turned the tables, racking

  As summer fires and smoke dissipate here in Southern Oregon its back to hiking its picturesque trails, and fall hikes are like walking through nature’s art. If it’s the autumn hues of golds and reds you’re after ample color can be found in these three nearby day-hikes. Grizzly Peak

Being a Cubs’ fan is a religious experience. Or, at least so say Cub fans, and writer Mark Scarpaci is one of those, and he has poured that love of the Cubs, of baseball, and of friendship into “Wrigley Sanders.” The novel draws from Cubs’/ storied folklore and heartbreak, as

A glass of wine worked for tastes better than something one might have picked up at the grocery store. After pedaling through the pristine Applegate Valley for several miles from winery to winery, each glass tastes better than the last. Southern Oregon has established itself as a vineyard mecca for

In the movies, boxing looks sweaty with a swollen face. With the speed punching bag at the gym, it looks like a hyperactive feline with a catnip toy. The real world of boxing is about the toughness, the quickness and the strength, and none know this better than Rogue Valley

The competitive American youth soccer world—from elite hotbeds like Southern California or North Texas; to their imitators in every major US city’s suburbs; and even to Southern Oregon—is a feverish one. Endless tournaments. Battling governing bodies. Corporate sponsorships. Six-figure salaries at stake. Yet, despite the tumult, an informal consensus reigns.

Labor Day weekend is like the last hurrah for summer. Fall is closer to our doorsteps than just around the corner, and the school year is ready to begin whether children are ready for it or not. Dozens of events are taking place during the holiday weekend in the Rogue

February 26, 1979 in the U.S. might have looked a lot like what Monday, August 21 of this year will look like: hundreds of thousands of people gazing upward at the total solar eclipse. A total solar eclipse doesn’t come around that often, and presumably won’t be visible again until

Many of us have enjoyed barreling down the slopes of Mt. Ashland on skis, especially this past season with the superb snowfall. But how about going up those same steep grades? And on a bike, to boot. For the biker’s summer that needs a serious, hardcore kick, the Mt. Ashland