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Six feet and two inches from the hole and it’s time to use the putter. The weighted, soft burl wood putter gently guides the golf ball home. Thinking about how one gets into making wooden golf putters, dealing with surviving nuclear explosions probably wouldn’t cross one’s mind. But for Bradley

The mountains just south of the California border feature rocky peaks towering over clear glacial lakes, along with broad vistas of ridges and valleys. Now’s the time to hike the trails, absorb the beauty, and take a leisurely swim in those cool, clear lakes. I’ve been hiking these trails for

To escape this article, find another word for “escape” that rhymes with “glee.” The Rogue Valley offers a bounty of group activities from eating out, catching a show or hiking the Table Rocks, but perhaps none as mentally stimulating and potentially thrill-tastic as Escape Rooms, a frantic and fun activity

A summer without visiting one of Oregon’s State Parks is like standing in Giza and not noticing the Pyramids. Ranked in the top ten nationally, Oregon now hosts nearly 50 million annual park visitors. To help stimulate necessary revenue for rising costs of maintenance, a new flexible seasonal fee for

The springtime hiking season is upon us, and Grants Pass has numerous beatific trails designed expressly for the purpose. Whether a local or just passing through, there are plenty of gorgeous hiking options to shake a stick at. Here are a just a few, moving from easy to more challenging:

Spring is the perfect time to hike Eight-Dollar Mountain as the snow has melted, the weather is a refreshing temperature, and the wildflowers are abundant. The mountain is owned by the Siskiyou National Forest and the Bureau of Land Management, meaning it’s open to the public year-round. This area is

A 2016 disaster preparedness survey for the Earth Institute at Columbia University revealed that 65 percent of Americans aren’t prepared for natural disasters, and 41 percent aren’t confident their community has adequate plans in an unlikely event. Essential resources or outdoor skill programs are not as hard to find as

Whether it be a masked vigilante who leaps across city rooftops in the night, or a great warrior fighting for glory in a faraway land (or galaxy), cosplayers the world over continue to find new and inventive ways to share their fandoms with the world. And with Medford and Meadowlark

Running, cycling and kayaking 46 miles sounds like a lot of work, but when it raises $25,000 for local non-profit Rogue Valley Farm 2 School, it can be a walk in the park. Starting and finishing at ScienceWorks, the Siskiyou Challenge is a six-leg, multi-event race by bike, run and

The SOU track and field season is more than halfway completed and the team is going the distance, according to head coach Grier Gatlin. “Overall, I think we have a solid men and women’s team,” Gatlin said. “I think our women’s team is greatly improved from the last couple of