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If “every dog must have his day,” it is very likely that those dog-days are outside on a trail, in the water, or a grassy field somewhere. There may be no other vicarious joy such as watching your sweet canine friend bounding through the forest. If you both can’t get

The luminescent cavern of Nevada’s Basin and Range National Monument viewed from the precipice. A vivid and vibrant creek that is part of the vast Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument in Northern California. The snow dusted and silent mountains of our very own Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. These breathtaking images and

It truly was an underdog story, the stuff that Hollywood tries to script: The Southern Oregon University crew team, in their first real year of competition, not only kept pace with some of the east coast powerhouses, but snagged a silver medal at this year’s national championships in late May.

Coleen Wheeler is the coxswain for the SOU women’s novice four that recently won a silver at Nationals. We recently caught up with her to ask some questions about the amazing season. RVM: Before starting rowing at SOU, what did you know about the sport?  CW: Before October 2016, I

As someone who spent his childhood in suburban Texas, having the opportunity to living in the Rogue Valley is a blessing. There is a sublime duality between city life and rural life, at times they even seem to coexist as a singular entity. Still, walking through palisades of concrete and

While second-hand experiences (you know, Facebook, Instagramaphone, etc.) are on the rise, there’s one place still dedicated to the first-hand experience: Inner Guide Expeditions is entering its sixth season of summer trips, taking kids and teens on outdoor adventures in the Pacific Northwest and even Europe. “It’s really about working

Walking the hills through summer heat will leave you thirsty, and perhaps longing for your favorite beverage as the sun sets. We are fortunate to reside in the foothills of the Siskiyous, which have landscapes of the right soil and climate to grow grapes and hops. The rise in an

Head-to-toe, colorful costumes. A carefully designed stage. World class performers. Stunning sound and visual effects. A limited run in an iconic Rogue Valley venue. All part of a live, improvisational drama with an unpredictable conclusion. Bethink thee not of ye olde Oregon Shakespeare Festival, tho’ thou art tempted. Dude! “It’s

Looking to do a 9,000 ft. mountain but find McLaughlin (9,495’) and Thielsen (9,182’) too technical, then 9,025’ Mt. Eddy is for you. Often overlooked in the shadow of neighboring Mount Shasta, Mount Eddy is a trifecta for me—a triple divide peak, uncrowded, the tallest mountain in the Klamath Mountains

The sunrise wakes you up with piercing rays and an orange sky, the refreshing air kissing your face. You sit up and arch your tired back, your spine popping. Before you is the Pacific Crest Trail, waiting for your sore feet to traverse it. Alex Detweiler woke up every morning