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In the music world, much was said of Las Vegas band Imagine Dragons Grammy for Best Rock Performance in 2013. And while loads of it was the typical sort of slander directed at whomever’s on top, the more substantive conversation was about whether or not the lagging synth-driven sound should

It used to be hard as fudge to put out an album. They were an expensive pain in the ass and no one made one on a whim. Computers have changed that, generally for the better. But sometimes it’s not as clear cut. That’s the case with It, a new

In early 2014, after a years-long run in the Denver indie band Postal Holiday, it’s four members decided it was time to scrap the band and do something fresh. But when they moved on to the next project, Space Suits for Indians, who will play at The Haul in Grants

“I’ve played everywhere I could possibly play in Washington so far,” says Bellingham electronic musician, Grant Eadie, better known as Manatee Commune “So I’m really excited to get out and explore the world.” Eadie’s explorations will bring him to the Historic Ashland Armory on Tuesday, November 17 as the opening

It’s generally not that hard to choose what to write about in this column. But this issue there was too much solid new work from local bands to pass over. So here’s a flyover of new releases from the Southern Oregon music scene. Experiment Station, by Of Addicts and Dramatics

If you show up to Johnny B’s on November 11 and watch as Denver band The Yawpers sets up, you’d be forgiven for getting the impression that they’re an Americana band, casually strumming out some folksy tunes about the open road and if it might lead you to long lost

A lot changes between your late 20s and your late 50s. Especially in the music world. When My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, who will perform at Howiee’s on Front on Novmber 5, got their start in the late ’80s, the charts were ruled by the lipgloss and hairspray

It’s not a new convention for emcees to claim their neighborhood or dissect its regional peculiarities in their lyrics. But that convention extends far beyond boroughs in NYC or streets in LA, even into the deep forest. “The boys in the woods are always hard, we don’t mow our shit,

Like so many musicians, Sean Spillman spent a long time stopping in Ashland, but not playing here. “We always stopped on the way to San Francisco, to get some food at Co-op,” he says. But then one day, he decided to actually stop, hang out a bit. It didn’t take

Being a local music critic requires keeping close tabs on the regional scene, on the net and in the clubs. But every so often a new band or artist pops appears on the radar, fully-formed, and you have to ask why it was you didn’t know about them. About 90