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This Ain’t Yo Daddy’s Rock and Roll There’s a standard songwriting model for rock bands. One member stays up late at night with an acoustic guitar, strumming out some chords on the couch, and scribbling notes on a scrap to paper, to later be given to the band at large.

Oso Negro is one of the hardest working men in hip hop. And not just because he drops new albums, collaborations and tours at a furious pace. Based out of Ontario, Oregon, right on the border with Idaho, he does it all with the closest local music scene more than

In the 10-part Time Life “History of Rock and Roll” documentary series, Ben E. King of “Stand by Me,” fame, discussed his adolescence in a doo-wop group, wandering the streets of New York like a gang, issuing challenges in four-part harmony to every other group they came across doing the

There may be no summer activity more summery than hitting the open road and getting the fudge out of dodge. Especially after all this smoke. But you can’t road trip without the tunes. So we made a mix of songs perfect for the open road, featuring a selection of classics

Medford Rockers The Evening Shades Set to Release Debut Album, ‘Alright’ If you want to understand medford band The Evening Shades approach to rock music, here’s an anecdote: During our interview at Medford’s Four Daughters pub, I mentioned how during a similar bar-interview with Rolling Stone, Mastodon frontman Brent Hinds

Weird Al Yankovic, is arguably both the world’s greatest lyricist and one of the best live performers working today. His shows include multiple costume changes, video and light shows, Van Halen-level accordion shredding and Yankovic’s near double-jointed ability to kick above his head. In his mid-50s, he still brings an

Great Peacock to strut their stuff in Ashland Question? What do rock music, country music, and folk music have in common? Answer: Who cares, that’s a dumb question. But if anyone can blend the three genres together it is Tennesee band Great Peacock, who will be playing at Brickroom in

“Every musician or music-making person has to have their solo project in which they can express themselves musically and make all the music by their lonesome,” Morgan Hoehne says of MRGN (formerly Morgokalips). “This is mine.” Hoehe has done time on guitar and drums in Medford metal bands Your Hands

David Liebe Hart is the World’s Best Fundamentally-Religious Electro-Punk Puppeteer on Cable TV To preview punk puppeteer David Liebe Hart’s performance at Club 66 in Ashland on Tue., August 11, I had a ton of questions prepared about the nature of outsider art and whether his recent successes have more

The West Coast Country Music Festival Keeps it Real Promising “more pedal steel than you have ever seen in one place,” the third annual West Coast Country Music Festival will be held at the Greensprings Inn in Ashland on August 15. Festival organizer Dee Fretwell explains that classic country, in addition to heavy