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There are few things more cohesive and unifying than a music festival sans consumerism and commercialism. People become companions in the immeasurable shared experience. In French, Mélomane means “for the love of music” or “music lover,” and it became the name of a Medford based festival that aimed to foster

In a world full of themed bands, Warning Danger was one of the oddest. While punk is a genre built on moral and physical danger, the Seattle band was more interested in safety. Songs covered best safety practices for everything from cougar attacks, to fire ants, to truck stop toilet

Watching live music is exciting and usually the band’s goal is to make sure everyone in the crowd is having a good time. If they have a good time, that’s just an added bonus. But for Samvega, playing June 21 at the Haul in Grants Pass, playing is as thrilling

Scarlet Canary’s most popular song on Spotify is called “The Death of Rock and Roll,” which is a bit ironic, since rock and roll is alive and kicking in their music. The Colorado band’s sound is a riff heavy, balls-out, face-melting combo of blazing guitars, precision drumming, and powerhouse rock

Ryan Jacobs grew up in Grants Pass, then did as Southern Oregon youth are wont to do and followed the ol’ dusty freeway up to Portland. But unlike so many that are glad to forget their humble beginnings, he and his indie-rock band, Melville, are big fans of coming back

It’s an old musician’s cliche that you should never give up on your dreams. But the other side of that is that at a certain point, your back starts to hurt from schlepping your amplifier in and out of basements. And your wallet starts to hurt from constantly bailing it

The magical thing about psychedelic rock is that it can take you places you’ve never been before, whether you were expecting to make the journey or not. The stage is the launching point and the performance can go in a million different directions, depending on the vibe of the venue

Nature abhors a vacuum, and being part of nature, music scenes abhor an empty performance space. Give bands access to one and you may soon find yourself shocked at just how many bands there are. For example: CAYA Fest. The annual Grants Pass music festival went from nothing to a

  Apple Jam Music Festival, held at The Moon Barn in Williams, is approaching its ninth year running. A homegrown festival, built from the ground up here in the Rogue Valley, Apple Jam has quickly become one the most anticipated festivals of the season. With organizers that strive to improve

Los Angeles and New York remain the dominant cultural epicenters of the country. But when it comes to Americana, it’s better corn-fed than street-wise. Hailing from the flyover/heartland/breadbasket of America, and sounding like a farm dance after the last day of high school, is Bernardus, a gang of acoustic-picking dreamboats