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  Apple Jam Music Festival, held at The Moon Barn in Williams, is approaching its ninth year running. A homegrown festival, built from the ground up here in the Rogue Valley, Apple Jam has quickly become one the most anticipated festivals of the season. With organizers that strive to improve

Los Angeles and New York remain the dominant cultural epicenters of the country. But when it comes to Americana, it’s better corn-fed than street-wise. Hailing from the flyover/heartland/breadbasket of America, and sounding like a farm dance after the last day of high school, is Bernardus, a gang of acoustic-picking dreamboats

An occupational hazard of reviewing local albums is that there has to be a local album available for review. And for whatever reasons—weather, the launch of festival seasons, Trump-slumps—no full-length work was really jumping out of the woodwork demanding, “Write about me!” this week. Maybe lots were released, but no

Banjo-slinger Pete Seeger is frequently held up as the solid gold example of a musician that stands for something in their art with songs like, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone,” and “If I Had a Hammer.” However, exactly what the case of the missing flowers, and his economic study

It’s been a long winter. Most of us are ready to put away our muck boots, slip on some sandals, and welcome in the spring. And for the music festival loving folks of the Rogue Valley, a “holiday” is approaching where they will do just that, rain or shine. 4/20,

You may not know Will Oldham, aka, Bonnie Prince Billy. But he’s one of those musicians who is likely the hero of everyone you do follow. He’s collaborated with everyone from Bjork to Kanye West, to Johnny Knoxville, and been covered by artists as legendary as Marianne Faithfull and Johnny

It’s hard to pick out what’s most remarkable about Marco Benevento’s career: the rogue’s gallery of groups he plays in, or his solo work somehow managing to perfectly fuse experimental jazz and indie rock into an eminently listenable, even danceable combo that he’ll be bringing to The Talent Club on

Whether it’s a cultural move in sync with legalized pot, or a reaction against the tight regimentation of canned pop music, music has been trending psychedelic, with blurrier melodies, and heavier grooves That’s evident from the very get-go on Kno1 & DRVGLRD, the infuriatingly-spelled new EP from equally-irksomely-spelled local emcee

Fans of boundary-pushing experimental music have often been more likely to find those bands and musicians in the clubs of a metro area than on the radio. And while the Rogue Valley isn’t quite a major metro area, it’s right between two of the most adventurous music scenes in the

Dreamy guitars, mod haircuts, and reverbs deep as the ocean blue are the stock and trade of PDX psych-rockers, Daydream Machine. Their 2014 EP, Twin Idols, and the videos for its singles are such a mish-mash of retro imagery and sounds they could bottle and sell it as a hipster