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We’ve lived in those apartments. We’ve looked directly into the faces of those mountains. The thing about local film in a relatively small area is that recognizability and nostalgia get bonus points. Loose Ends sets the (familiar) scene with friends-turned-drug-peddling-colleagues Logan and Adam as the growing distance between their lifestyles

What better way to make Christmas break fly by than charging up your smartphone, getting your posse together and making a movie? The Ashland Independent Film Festival is accepting films for their LAUNCH and PrideFlick film contests through January 15. As long as the criteria is met, a $500 cash

Breathtaking views of nature, relaxing music and excellent cinematography—now, that’s when film becomes art. Former Oregon State Senator Jason A. Atkinson and documentary filmmaker J. Martin teamed up to create a film that doesn’t just take the viewer down the Klamath River; you are immersed in its life. So much

We’ve all seen it. Every Christmas. Without fail. But on stage? Intriguing. Barnstormers Theatre hails the Christmas season in proper A Christmas Story style on December 4. The beloved tale of Ralphie, Randy and family and their crazy Christmas antics make families across America feel downright normal, and over the

In a tense moment in Suffragette, famed women’s rights activist Emmeline Pankhurst (Meryl Streep) bellows, “We don’t want to be lawbreakers; we want to be lawmakers!” to the cheers of women below. It’s one of approximately 30 highly quotable lines peppered throughout the film, providing more than enough fodder for

Grants Pass isn’t known for art films—and that is exactly why the Wandering Reel Traveling Film Festival is rolling into town on Thursday, November 12. Like a traveling circus bringing exotic cultures and animals, Wandering Reel is an LA-based group of filmmakers who curate collections of short films from around

I wasn’t expecting so many CG insects. The Last Witch Hunter is jam-packed with them—swarms of computer-drawn bugs, armies of pixelated creepy crawlies, plagues’ and pestilences’ worth of digital flies and beetles and ticks and moths. I finished watching Vin Diesel’s new fantasy action flick less than an hour ago,

Last July, Messenger writer Ryan Forsythe appeared as an extra in the locally made and set film Black Road, which premiered in Beverly Hills on October 14. Through rain, wind and technical difficulties, he did his due diligence as an end-of-the-world-hippie-zombie of sorts, And now Black Road is complete, and

Sure, the stock market has been a bit up-and-down lately, Pope Francis gently scolded our Congress last week and stores are starting to stock Christmas decorations already. But in the grand scheme, we have it pretty good here in the United States. A unifying theme of the Varsity World Film

Ten years ago, we all cleared our schedules in our Daily Planners, and gathered in front of the tube to catch the new episode of Lost. (Though we were all even more confused the more we watched, am I right?) On another channel, not too far from the addictive draw