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I wasn’t expecting so many CG insects. The Last Witch Hunter is jam-packed with them—swarms of computer-drawn bugs, armies of pixelated creepy crawlies, plagues’ and pestilences’ worth of digital flies and beetles and ticks and moths. I finished watching Vin Diesel’s new fantasy action flick less than an hour ago,

Last July, Messenger writer Ryan Forsythe appeared as an extra in the locally made and set film Black Road, which premiered in Beverly Hills on October 14. Through rain, wind and technical difficulties, he did his due diligence as an end-of-the-world-hippie-zombie of sorts, And now Black Road is complete, and

Sure, the stock market has been a bit up-and-down lately, Pope Francis gently scolded our Congress last week and stores are starting to stock Christmas decorations already. But in the grand scheme, we have it pretty good here in the United States. A unifying theme of the Varsity World Film

Ten years ago, we all cleared our schedules in our Daily Planners, and gathered in front of the tube to catch the new episode of Lost. (Though we were all even more confused the more we watched, am I right?) On another channel, not too far from the addictive draw

OPB’s wine documentary shows where our wine came from Full disclosure: I drank a hard cider while watching this documentary, not wine. Blasphemous, I know, but I learned my lesson, as I was craving the good stuff by the end. The “Oregon Wine: Grapes of Place” was first shown on

It’s Not a Schumer! By Megan Burbank – @meganireneb Here’s fun drinking game to play while watching, oh, ANY romantic comedy: Take a sip whenever you see (1) a girl reporter in the big city, who, despite working in print media, you never see actually working (or, okay, crying because

Amy Winehouse Documentary Hits Theaters July 9 by Marjorie Skinner – @MJSkinner800 From a distance, it’s hard to tell how much celebrity suffering is theater. Asif Kapadia’s shattering documentary Amy certainly qualifies as theater in its own right, piecing together great amounts of archival, never-before-seen video footage of late musician

The Other 1 Percent In September 2012, approximately 25.2 million veterans were living in the United States. estimates that over 30,000 live in Jackson and Josephine Counties. Southern Oregon seems to be rich in veterans—and those who support them. Southern Oregon Public Television launched a show on June 8 dedicated

Oregon biologist George Poinar Jr. is bugged by Jurassic Park. But he has . His scientific attempts to resurrect ancient DNA from amber inspired the books and films. It was Poinar’s that first hinted at the prospect of to life. work caught the eye of Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton

Aloha: Another Movie About a Sad White Guy At this point, you know what you’re getting with a Cameron Crowe movie: a sad white guy trying to find himself, a series of on-the-nose music cues, and a bunch of great actors who don’t get much to do. Crowe’s made some