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A filmmaker is always studying and learning from other filmmakers, drawing from long developed skills and enriching talent. Local filmmaker Ron Huffstutter has been learning from others for years, leading to founding his own film company. “I’ve spent the last five years in Southern Oregon working in the independent film

The sloping yellow hills and green, forested peaks of Oregon glide hundreds of feet below like colored wrinkles in the Earth. Somewhere there’s a sliver of water weaving its way through the mountains. This shot is achieved by an aerial drone, flown by Mark Unger, founder of Sky Lakes Media

Since TV shows like “The Office” and movies like Best in Show, mockumentaries have become an overwhelmingly popular genre in comedy. YouTube web series created and directed by Mig Windows and Sean Marc Nipper, How to Marry a Vampire is a mockumentary reminiscent of “The Bachelorette.” In fact, the show

Sages and philosophers come in many forms. From children spouting pithy yet insightful proclamations, as if they had just figured out some hidden perennial truth, to a venerable elder who can change your life over the course of an ad-lib monologue. However, as ancient as humankind is the process of

As simple as a sending a birthday card and as complex as journeying through a disturbing psyche, the work of Southern Oregon University’s film students is entertaining, compelling and thoughtful. And coming to the big screen. The Southern Oregon University Student Film Festival will premier several films anywhere from a

Humans, however removed from the natural world we may find ourselves, seem to always uncover an intrinsic attraction to the forests we used to roam through. Whether an urbanite is filing their taxes or a rural farmer is busy laboring away, mortals become so preoccupied in mundane monetary endeavors that

Comic Con wouldn’t exist without the countless iconic books and films preceding it. With the first modern comic book published in 1933, millions more have been published since then, as well as movies based on those stories. Writing team Paula M. Block and Terry Erdmann (who will be present at

On April 11, a diverse audience crowded into Meese Auditorium at Southern Oregon University for a screening of Kyle Simpson’s student short Junk, and a panel discussion on the opioid crisis in the Rogue Valley. The size and composition of the crowd testified to the broad reach of this epidemic

Cinema is a cultural phenomenon which at one point oozed of profundity and grace, or at least one would like to think so. In this hedonistic age of red carpet Hollywood and ephemeral viral videos, this accessibility to visual stimuli has crippled the popularity of profound and forward-thinking art, in

At the close of a long and exceptionally gray winter, Rogue Valley residents may feel they have a whole new understanding of the word “dark.” Robert Preston gets it. In fact, it may be safe to say that the weather plays a character of its own in his new locally