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Comic Con wouldn’t exist without the countless iconic books and films preceding it. With the first modern comic book published in 1933, millions more have been published since then, as well as movies based on those stories. Writing team Paula M. Block and Terry Erdmann (who will be present at

On April 11, a diverse audience crowded into Meese Auditorium at Southern Oregon University for a screening of Kyle Simpson’s student short Junk, and a panel discussion on the opioid crisis in the Rogue Valley. The size and composition of the crowd testified to the broad reach of this epidemic

Cinema is a cultural phenomenon which at one point oozed of profundity and grace, or at least one would like to think so. In this hedonistic age of red carpet Hollywood and ephemeral viral videos, this accessibility to visual stimuli has crippled the popularity of profound and forward-thinking art, in

At the close of a long and exceptionally gray winter, Rogue Valley residents may feel they have a whole new understanding of the word “dark.” Robert Preston gets it. In fact, it may be safe to say that the weather plays a character of its own in his new locally

On Friday, March 10, the Queer Resource Center at Southern Oregon University will put on its second Queer Film Festival Friday. The QRC’s mission is “to encourage relationship building and support systems in order to empower every person to have a positive university experience, to grow as a self-aware individual,

From YouTube to the stage to music, everyone starts somewhere before their success. For Tessa Violet, it was Ashland, Oregon. As a famed YouTuber and vocalist, the Pacific Northwest native has fostered her talents and expanded them internationally. What began as video blogs about various topics such as music videos

Jeanine Moy, outreach director for KS Wild, is aware that the event she’s organizing may at first seem counterintuitive. To promote wild, outdoor places, she wants people to spend a long weekend afternoon gathered in an auditorium, watching films. Then again, her organization’s mission is not just to get people

The Colestin Valley is on Southern Oregon’s fringe, somewhat remote and rugged, prized by its residents. It fits independent director Alex Cox whose punk-rock-seasoned films (Repo Man, Sid & Nancy, Walker) simultaneously inspire and infuriate. After teaching at the University of Colorado from 2010 to 2015, he has just published

Winter is the perfect movie-watching season. Cooped up indoors, sipping hot cocoa, and finishing off the holidays’ delicious leftovers, a movie fits snug with any evening. Consider adding the new heartwarming comedy Brother Nature (directed by Oz Rodriguez and Matt Villines) to your watch list this season. Taking place in

As patrons of a busy diner converse about a recent downtown robbery, a man takes a seat at one of the empty booths. A waitress comes to take his order, finding herself intrigued by the stranger, even enamored. When she later finds the bag of stolen money in the trunk