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A month ago, three artists presented their ideas for art pieces to stand sentry at the south end of Ashland. It has been a long path to reach this point—nearly a decade in the planning and process. Shortly after those public presentations, a panel of local artists and art critics

Fall harvest in Southern Oregon is here, full force. With no rain expected in the next while, it appears that a long, warm dry fall is ahead. Which bodes well for a fruitful harvest. It also means that the Valley is filling up with people that are ready get to

Re.: Don’t Shoot the Messenger: Sailing Through Transition Though we certainly appreciate your attention to and coverage of Southern Oregon University and the SOU Board of Trustees, your piece contains a factual error that I feel merits correction. The SOU Board has not extended President Saigo’s contract. Rather, the Board

On December 11, 2012, a 22-year old man rushed into the mall at Clackamas Town Center and shot dead two people. Three days later, a 20-year-old man walked into an elementary school in Connecticut and shot 20 school children and six adult staff members. In the aftermath, President Obama lamented

Editorial note: We didn’t ask for poetry. But poetry is what we got. Re.: Unsolicited poetry SMOKE                                                                                         The curtain of smoke parted / for a short while, this morning, bringing relief / from burning eyes– not to be confused with / relief from burning fires. Suffering immeasurable, devastation

When the OLCC come to Southern Oregon University for its listening session, one of the final speakers to address the panel looked positively terrified as he approached the mic. “I’m concerned about whether criminal records will make it harder or make it so people can’t pass through the licensing,” he

Often when locals and outsiders alike consider southern Oregon, they start the conversation talking about the Ashland Shakespeare Festival and perhaps mentioning the Britt Fest. Maybe they even mention the burgeoning wine industry. All which are wonderful attributes and attractions for the region, and there are multiplier effects to the

In the words of Joan Rivers: “can we talk?” Though the fight for restorative justice in the wake of the drug war isn’t done—especially in Eastern Oregon—the writing’s on the wall for marijuana prohibition. Measure 91 is rolling along, other states are following suit, and dispensaries will soon be able

Somewhat quietly, and with little public attention, the newly enacted Board of Trustees for Southern Oregon University unanimously voted to extend the contract for interim President Roy Saigo beyond its expiration date of next June. Saigo has served as president for one complete academic year, and entere his second full

Re: Duck Disgrace Thank you for bringing attention to the deeply troubling University of Oregon rape case. Kudos to the two counseling center employees who blew the whistle on what ended up being a privacy law loophole that allowed the school’s lawyers to access the victim’s records, and to Wyden