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Perhaps the biggest question of the season is: To stay planted or to un-root? That is, spring inspires both a restlessness to get out and go, as well as a desire to dig in the dirt and plant seeds and plants for the upcoming months. We are pleased to present

Re.: Coal, Coal, Go Away! Will Ashland give up as a “Natural Gas Community”? During this long pipeline debate Jordan Cove few mentioned that Jackson County is a special natural gas county, that includes the university in Ashland, the gas powered RVTD buses, county compressed gas fuel station, and the

Bernie Sanders is fond of pointing out that the wealth divide in America is doing more that perhaps any other issue to pull apart this country. While likely true, it is, however, not a novel problem. At the end of last century—the 19th, that is, the one that increasingly was

A lot of media attention in the national presidential race has been paid to the petty insults and personal jabs. The rancor has been most pronounced in Republican debates, which have atrophied into shouting matches, with candidates insulting hand sizes and manhood—and, ultimately, violating the first rule of debating, which

Re: Rogue Sound The Legendary Goodtimes are a great band I thoroughly enjoy recording! Buy this CD album, you will love it. Just one correction, the band recorded their two albums with Mark Thomas Johnson at Bluejay Productions in Jacksonville, Oregon.   Re: Dining Guide Just like to submit a

ANNOUNCEMENT We are looking fer a qulity copy editor: Do you have an eagle’s eye for typos and a nose for grammar? (And InDesign as a program on your computer.) A couple hours every other week. Send a note to     LETTERS Re.: THE OSCARS Leonardo DiCaprio is

Reading over the results for the second annual Readers’ Choice Best of Rogue Valley survey was insightful about residents’ likes and loyalties. By and large, there were very few runaway winners in most categories; instead, we found that our readers spread their votes over dozens of personal choices and favorites.

Love Notes To Kelli M, RCC Art Star: I’m wildly in love with you. -JP   RE.: Crater Lake Wilderness Proposal Ryan: Appreciated your recent story that mentioned our study on federal lands and county growth. We just updated it. A study released this week by Headwaters Economics found that rural

  Some say the “Marijuana Revolution” is the next boom of industry in America, similar to the Internet and Tech boom, or the gold rush; many labeling it the Green Rush. That attitude was clear at the recent International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco. In addition to learning about

Tourism can be an ugly word. During the most recent Super Bowl, hosted at Levi Stadium south of San Francisco, the city once known for art, love and tolerance took a decidedly different tact and reportedly pushed out homeless men and women to “clean up” the city for tourists visiting