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Don’t Shoot the Messenger

With this issue, the Messenger turns four years old. We started publishing in March 2014 and, now with three years under our belts, I can honestly say that some years are better than others. This past year was our “best” year yet. Why? For so many reasons—but each which is

In late January, a few fliers—simple black text on a white background—showed up on utility poles around Ashland. They read “a storm is coming,” and featured the silhouette of an army man, with a swastika emblazed into his helmet. Some of the posters also included a Twitter handle, and police

Without Lex Luther, Clark Kent was just a mild-manner newspaper reporter (although we’d like to think that a mild manner newspaperman is something powerful as well). And, with that in mind, as America has adjusted to a new president over the past several weeks, we have been encouraged and impressed

Do we deserve the president we get? And, as Alexis de Tocqueville once quipped, do we resemble our leaders? A troubling thought considering that Donald Trump has the temperament and syntax of a second-grade bully. Or, will opposition and adversity hone and clarify what is important and worthwhile in our

RE: RE: Sarcastic Weed Dear Daniel MacSweeny: My name is Michael Johnson. I’m a cannabis grower in Southern Oregon, and I felt compelled to respond to your letter (December 15). It’s full of so many inaccuracies and biases, I felt it necessary to correct the record, and respond to your questions as

Before holiday break, a student at Ashland High School posted a message on Facebook that she had been sexually assaulted, and alleged that there were other “multiple” cases and a “rape culture” at the high school. The message set off a tense debate about the extent of sexual assault within

The standard joke about poor employment opportunities is that a person will end up as a fry cook at a fast food joint. Bizarrely, with the acumen of a “Saturday Night Live” skit, that joke became a potential national paradigm as president-elect Donald Trump selected Andy Pudzer as his potential

The Messenger was pleased to host its inaugural Giving Tuesday event on November 29 at the Holly Theatre. We had a packed house and hosted 12 wonderful organizations from the region: RCC Foundation Collaborative Theatre Project Holly Theatre Rogue Farm Corps Maslow Music Matrix Grants Pass Pregnancy Care Center Hearts with

Hope, to borrow a word from a previous election, has not been in grand supply after this recent election. Yes, at the presidential level, but also at the regional level in southern Oregon. Perhaps foremost the most discouraging and daunting results were the solid thumping taken by a proposed property

As we push through and past the elections, it is perhaps important to recognize that most of us have suffered some low-level stress over the past several months. Seriously! This election cycle has been more punishing than promising than any presidential campaign in recent memory, with threats of refusal to