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The middle of April is a mix of emotions—with Easter, Tax Day and the beginning of NBA playoffs—events that bring a basket full of joy, financial frustration and cheers and jeers. Last week also marked the mid-point for the Oregon legislative session, another event that brings a mix joy, financial

With fewer than half of the public schools in Josephine County offering arts program, a Grants Pass-based filmmaker Antonio Melendez saw a gap he could fill. Along with collaborator Abram Katz, in early April, they opened the Heartisan Youth Center, a space to offer media production and entrepreneurship classes. The

As annual as cherry blossoms and robins nesting, the Messenger’s annual Public Writing Contest! Stories are due to no later than Thursday, May 4 at 5 pm. This year we are asking our readers to submit short memoirs (no longer than 500 words) with the theme betrothed or betrayed.

By Phil Busse, with reporting from Jordon Lindsey The chanting last Thursday was contagious. About 150 protesters gathered at the Medford Public Library, there to shout down a proposed pipeline that would carry liquefied natural gas (LNG) some 220 miles across the southwestern corner of Oregon.   “Frack it up.

Richard Herskowitz is at the helm of the Ashland Independent Film Festival. In his second year as the Artistic Director, he also is serving as the Interim Director. The Messenger caught up with Herskowitz to talk about, well, movies. Rogue Valley Messenger: When did you first recognize that film was something

It is a storyline more common to monster movies than political and environmental fights: The monster that the townsfolk thought was vanquished returns from the dead for its lumbering revenge. Yes, be afraid, the so-called LNG Pipeline is back! After a decade-long fight to deny a pipeline proposed to carry

The United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Article 25 specifies that, “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.” Article 19

Your razor-sharp Facebook posts fail to break double digits. You scan Huffington, Politico, the Times, the Post, Salon, and the panicky e-mail alerts from your non-profits for nuggets of objective truth. You suspect that CNN, MSNBC, and Fox might drain human spirits more effectively than the Dementors in Harry Potter.

When Lilia Caballero first started as the Cultural Outreach Coordinator for the Medford Police Department, she struggled to answer Latino community members’ traffic ticket questions. Unable to read the citation in English, they often could not tell her which agency had even issued it: Jackson County Sheriff? Oregon State Police?

Just 20 years ago, the 10,000 radio stations in America were owned and operated by some 5000 different organizations, creating an eclectic patchwork of talk, music and what-not. But since 1996, radio increasingly has been consolidated into the hands of just a few corporations, with nearly 90 percent of radio