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Rogue Valley Messenger: Your company seems to be at an important crossroads of trends –with more and more household items dependent on batteries, and with a continued concern about sustainability. Any predictions for how people will get their energy for household items ten years from now—and from what sources. Brett

We Answer Questions about Monuments The debate over President Obama’s expansion of the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument is as complex as the ecosystem of the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument. To the (in alphabetical order) botanists, business-owners, campers, ecologists, entomologists, environmentalists, evolutionary biologists, foresters, geologists, hikers, horseback riders, hunters, Native peoples,

Medford: A month ago, Medford police posted ads to several websites and apps suspected of sex trafficking or solicitation. Eleven different men from the Medford area responded to the ads, and set up meetings with who they believed were women they planned to pay for sex. The ages ranged from

With the current legislative session wrapping up, the final pennies and dimes need to be lined up in the state budget—and it doesn’t look good. With a billion-dollar plus shortfall in necessary funding, in particular there are questions about how to fund schools, and there are questions about where money

With 100-plus employees, Darex is one of the monster companies in Southern Oregon. Nationally-recognized as a tool sharpening company, they soon as moving into the kitchen with a, well, cutting-edge knife-sharpener. The Messenger sat down with CEO and fourth generation owner of the family business, Matthew Bernard. Rogue Valley Messenger:

In our last issue, we pointed out three races that we considered “really, really, really” important—and made endorsements. Of those, two of out three went the opposite direction from our endorsements, which, even in baseball, isn’t a very good batting average. The first of those three is the biggest disappointment,

Typically, mid-term elections don’t have a lot of fanfare. Especially without a marquee prizefight like the presidential race, voters are less likely to vote. However, this ballot has several local races and measures whose outcomes promise big changes—in terms of public transportation, environmental protection and education, and each of these

Raymond Rosa: Director, Operation Rambo Rogue Valley Messenger: Can you talk about why vets have service dogs?  What is the need, and how many people are we talking about in the region?  Raymond Rosa: Many veterans have physical disabilities that limit and make day to day activities a burden, as

Midge Raymond’s Forgetting English Reviewed by Tuula Rebhahn   Ashland Creek Press is a publisher of books relating to the environment, and its co-founder Midge Raymond has written one that spans environments on every corner of the planet. Forgetting English is a world tour of lost souls, like getting on

  With a sense of deja-vu, the liquefied natural gas (LNG) is back for its third attempt at placing a pipeline that will run diagonally all the way from the California border near Klamath northwest to Coos Bay. Construction permits have been rejected twice before by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission