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Hoping to run into a superhero at the Medford ComicCon? Bad news. Affordable Housing Man will not be making an appearance. Since other Rogue Valley problems have yet to reach global-crisis level, neither will Superman, Batman, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, or Spider Man. BAM! You

(Editor’s Note: Assertions of winery numbers in the Rogue Valley vary from 40 to 150. The Drink Local Research Department plans periodic, anonymous visits to random wineries to discover the truth about wine in Southern Oregon. This article marks the first in Drink Local’s “De Vino Veritas” series.) Making wine

Doug O’Dell, Sr. used to ride motorcycles with Steve McQueen on the weekends (yes, we mean legendary cinematic motorcycle chase scene, The Great Escape, Steve McQueen). Not to be outdone, his son, Doug O’Dell, Jr., broke two vertebrae in his neck on a stunt for the Keanu Reeves supernatural thriller,

They are not doing things the easy way at Rogue Kombucha in Grants Pass, which, for the kombucha drinking public of the Rogue Valley, is fortunate. “We create and craft all of our flavors from scratch,” says Chris Leach, Rogue Kombucha’s owner, as he cleans up after a morning’s production

Brewing beer requires four basic ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, and yeast. Starting a business has four basic parts, too: the product/service, distribution, marketing, and customer service. At Osmo’s Alehouse, a new brewery and tasting room on downtown Medford’s South Central Avenue opened in January by Southern Oregon natives Nick

Jefferson Public Radio usually delivers auditory delights to listeners, from “American Routes” to “World Cafe.” On February 9th, JPR will offer gustatory sensations instead at its 36th Annual Wine Tasting at the Ashland Springs Hotel. Nearly 40 Oregon wineries will pour everything from Cabernets to Tempranillos accompanied by delectable treats

It is perhaps ironic that the Common Block Brewing Company, a key addition to the ongoing revival of downtown Medford, is located in a building which helped erode downtown in the first place. The new brewpub occupies the 1947 Leever Motor Company building on 5th Street. Here, Rogue Valleyers purchased

The neighborhood bar faces the same threat to survival as neighborhoods themselves: digital distractions, disengagement … weed. Far easier to pull on sweats, cruise cable/satellite, and tap your FB Friends’ curated posts, right? Yet, the local bar—distant relation to village pubs or German beer gardens—hangs on in the Rogue Valley.

In the holiday spirit, the Messenger’s Drink Local Research Department considered egg nog, seriously contemplated mulled wine, and almost pursued hot beer concoctions. Then, we stumbled upon Ponche Navideño, Mexican “Christmas Punch,” and figured we would find it as plentiful as tamales, another Mexican holiday tradition, in the Rogue Valley.

Carla David, the owner and winemaker of Wild Wines in the Applegate Valley, does not follow trails. She forages in wild lands for Oregon grape berries or elderberries. She drifts through meadows gathering dandelion flowers. And, although her winery is on the Applegate Valley Wine Trail, she produces wines far