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Honey, one of the most common sweeteners people use in their coffee, tea, and baking, is produced in an intricate process easily taken for granted. Not only is the process intricate, but the producers––bees––are being threatened more and more each year. Oregon Honey Festival exists to celebrate and inform the

It’s August vacation time. You’re hiking mountain ridges; cycling back-country roads; lounging on forested shores of alpine lakes. You’re… not living in Bavaria; you don’t have four weeks of paid summer vacation, and the Medford high on August 1, the official start of month-long vacations all across Europe was… 110

Try thinking of a food that goes better with summer than ice cream. Nothing really comes to mind. Since around the 17th century, ice cream has become one of the world’s favorite desserts, and throughout history vendors have been experimenting with new and perfecting traditional flavors, including a few places

Cannabis and hops are natural allies. Portland-based Coalition Brewing isn’t the first to point out that the two share a common flavor profile, but they are the first brewery in Oregon to combine them in a commercially produced beer. The result is a complex IPA that has beer drinkers draining

Cocktails are an adult activity. They are not grabbing a brewskie with compadres. They are not sipping chilled Pinot Gris on the deck while the kids run rampant through the backyard. Cocktails are intentional. They smooth away rough edges, calm frayed nerves. A drink can reduce left-brain chatter just enough

One hundred and seventeen years ago, when the Rogue Valley as we know it was still in its nascent stages, the Talent Train Depot was established, releasing the village from its isolation. In this age of globalization, when trains have become an obsolete commodity, the depot has been remodeled into

A pizza chain claiming to be “super fast” also hopefully claims to be super good. At Mod Pizza, those expectations were met when my fiancee and I dined there on a warm summer’s evening. Mod Pizza opened at Northgate Marketplace in Medford Feb. 2, giving away a free pizza or

The Drink Local Research Department often meets perfectionists. The brewer perpetually combining malt, hops, and yeast to keep taps flowing and beer geeks buzzing. The winemaker watching grapes on the vine with a scientist’s eye and an artist’s instinct. The distiller, practicing monkish patience, waiting for the critical moment when

Spring and summer are about shedding off winter coats and getting back outdoors. Warmer seasons are also about cold brew coffee. Brewed at room temperature or cold water for several hours, typically overnight, cold brew ranges from nutty to earthy flavors depending on the roast. In other words, cold brew

You are not likely to stop at Cafe Ruch. Part of the Ryan’s Outpost complex at entrance to the Applegate Valley—farm and garden store, dentist, hardware—It is not on any “Rogue Valley Cafe Trail,” nor is it an über-trendy, farm-to-table hangout for Californians. The sign outside promises wine and beer,