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Spring and summer are about shedding off winter coats and getting back outdoors. Warmer seasons are also about cold brew coffee. Brewed at room temperature or cold water for several hours, typically overnight, cold brew ranges from nutty to earthy flavors depending on the roast. In other words, cold brew

You are not likely to stop at Cafe Ruch. Part of the Ryan’s Outpost complex at entrance to the Applegate Valley—farm and garden store, dentist, hardware—It is not on any “Rogue Valley Cafe Trail,” nor is it an über-trendy, farm-to-table hangout for Californians. The sign outside promises wine and beer,

(Editor’s Note: The Drink Local Column makes anonymous visits to randomly chosen vineyards and wineries to discover the truth about wine—De Vino Veritas—in Southern Oregon.) What causes you to change your mind about a place? When you step out onto the balcony at Paschal Winery, the stunning views of the

A group of people gather together amongst pastries and tea. The mood may be somber and there may even be some tension. The topics about to be covered might not start off easy to talk about, but that’s the goal of Ashland Death Cafe. “By beginning to explore death and

You heard about a cool bar at the Elks Club. And then you wondered, “is Craft Beer dead?” You care less about what is coming out of the taps than the vibe. Are bar-sitters absorbed in their screen universe, or do they move down a stool to make room for

Picture this, you’re sitting on a terrace overlooking vineyards eating Dunbar Farms field greens. As you finish your last bite, a server arrives to take your plate away and pour you a glass of 2015 Septette Pinot Noir. While you wait for your next course, braised duck leg, a ballerina

If Gustavo Pardo were a coffee drink, he would be a glass of iced espresso with a twisty straw. Tall, roguish and unashamedly energetic, the owner/chef of Central Point Perk has fashioned what he calls an “Adult Disneyland” in the sleepy little town just north of Medford. No, not that

Gary Thompson has a well-used dart board in his distillery. If you have ever played, you know that you have to throw the same three darts at the same spots but that you never quite hit the exact same ones. Making whiskey, you also follow the same steps, repeatedly. Yet,

Hoping to run into a superhero at the Medford ComicCon? Bad news. Affordable Housing Man will not be making an appearance. Since other Rogue Valley problems have yet to reach global-crisis level, neither will Superman, Batman, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, or Spider Man. BAM! You

They say when it rains it pours. This spring/late winter, it poured restaurants in Grants Pass. Four new establishments opened shop downtown, one returned to its old stomping grounds (Four Seasons Chinese) and one got a major remodel (Taqueria Mexico). Among the new restaurants are Lulu’s for the Love of