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Best record store Bestie: Music Co-Op (Ashland) Hon. Mention: Biscuits and Vinyl (Talent) Hon. Mention: Musichead (Medford)         Best place to buy groceries Bestie: WinCo Hon. Mention: Food 4 Less Hon. Mention: Shop n Kart   Best outdoor store Bestie: REI Hon. Mention: Dicks Hon. Mention: Black

Best local athlete/sports team Bestie: Sis-Q Rollers Hon. Mention: Southern Oregon Spartans (hockey) Hon. Mention: SOU Raiders     Best hiking trail Bestie: Table Rock Hon. Mention: Grizzly Peak   Best mountain biking trail Bestie: Jabberwocky Hon. Mention: Cathedral Hills   Best swimming hole Bestie: Illinois River Hon. Mention: Applegate

Best new restaurant Bestie: Common Block Hon. Mention: Ram Hon. Mention: Pump House         Best restaurant or bar with outdoor seating Bestie: Walkabout Hon. Mention: Porters Hon. Mention: Bella Union   Best CSA or farm stand Bestie: Fry Family Farm Hon. Mention: Whistling Duck Hon. Mention: Barking

According to the Oregon Employment Department, workers in the leisure and hospitality field of Jackson and Josephine County make up 14.5 and 13.7 percent of the workforce, respectively, edging out the national average, which was only 12.8 percent in 2015. Meaning, folks come here to be entertained, and we are

“Tourism is the front door to Ashland’s economy,” explains Katharine Cato, Director for Travel Ashland Director. She goes on to explain that Ashland welcomes over 350,000 visitors annually, and within that are more than 100 restaurants, an impressive per capita number for a small town. Sure, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

It has been a year since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the president—and it has been a constant drum beat of insults, Twitter fights and sudden reversals of policy. The news cycle has been dominated by the reality TV show broadcast from the White House, and in homes and cafes

At first glance, Yuki seems like a sweet, ordinary cat. But Yuki not only has a reputation for trouble, she is also the star of the Rogue Valley Messenger’s first, locally-created comic strip. As creator Tanya Reasor explained how the comic came to be, I realized that it’s really a

I fell in love with compilations when I was 17. My parents owned a small rental house, and one of the tenants that vacated it left behind a basket full of tapes and CDs. One of them was a compilation from Fat Wreck Chords, a small Bay Area record label.

Take it from us, the Messenger. It isn’t always easy running a business in the Rogue Valley. And while we are now a non-profit, we’re still a business, needing to make ends meet and the trains run on time. To get a little advice and insights to what it takes

There is great power in telling a story. The teller decides what is true or not, how to present it, and often most importantly, how to land the ending. The Ashland Literary Arts Festival on October 28 at the Hannon Library at SOU gathers an odd group of storytellers together,