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  Violent Femmes at Britt on Tue., June 19 Acoustic punks, with sweet lyrics, sour vocals ranges, iconic songs, and a perfect balance of rage, and goofiness. There had never been a band like the Violent Femmes when they launched in the ‘80s, and there still hasn’t been.   Lung

For this year’s summer music festival guide, we are keeping our picks within a three-hour drive.  That way you won’t have to waste too much money on gas or turn into an angry Clark W. Griswold. Three of these festivals are here in the Rogue Valley, which means you can

Voltron: Legendary Defender Cosplay Group RVM: Can you describe your workshop at Medford’s Comic Con? Such as what it will entail? Jennyfer Perkins: What my workshop will include in an in character Q&A session, a little bit of scripted conversations, and some fun games. The goal of this panel is

Comic Con without video games would be like watching a movie but skipping the whole second act. A workshop at this year’s Comic Con, titled “How to Choose Your Own Adventure,” will create an immersive experience for those who attend. “The workshop (actually not a workshop per se) will involve

  Tanya Reasor, creator of The Rogue Valley Messenger’s Yuki the Destroyer is no stranger to Comic-con. She and her crew have been attending the San Diego International Comic-Con for a number of years, but their home-Valley Medford Comic-Con will be a first for them. Yuki, the Destroyer has been

Our world is one that does not always give us tangible results, or a clear distinction between right and wrong. The consequences of our choices and actions are not always immediately visible to us, which can harm our resolve. Lindsey Grayzel’s documentary film The Reluctant Radical invites the audience to

The 1996 Telecommunication Act may sound like a somewhat dated and bureaucratic piece of legislation; but, it is really more like a seed planted two decades ago that has grown deep and gnarled roots into American culture. Consider, at the time, the 10,000 or so radio stations in America were

Best non-OSF theater company Bestie: Puppeteers for Fears Hon. Mention: Oregon Cabaret Theatre (Ashland) Hon. Mention: Randall Theatre Company (Medford)   Best local actor (film or stage) Bestie: Bruce Campbell Hon. Mention: Eric Solis Hon. Mention: Galloway Stevens   Best local author Bestie: Josh Gross Hon. Mention: Robert Arellano Hon.

Best physician/medical practitioner Bestie: Dr. Brigid Crowe (Wild Fern Natural Health, Ashland) Hon. Mention: Dr. Jason Miller (Jade Mountain Medicine, Ashland)   Best yoga instructor/studio Bestie: Rasa Center for Yoga and Wellness (Medford) Hon. Mention: Beth Sparks (Ashland Hot Yoga) Hon. Mention: Sheryl Grunde (Ashland)   Best energy worker/intuitive healer

Best Doggie Day Care/Groomer Bestie (tie): Land of Paws Bestie (tie): Groomery   Best place to get groomed for humans (i.e., manicurists, hair stylists, etc.) Bestie: Rogue Barbers (Grants Pass) Hon. Mention: Hair City (Ashland) Hon. Mention: Nest Salon (Medford) Best car mechanic Bestie: Luke Anderson Automotive (Medford) Hon. Mention: