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On a sunny, albeit smoky day, kayakers, rafters, and paddle boarders work hard, though they’re not all staying dry. Spectators gather to watch them flip over into the whitewater, soar through rapids, and work as a team. In its sixth year, the King of the Rogue whitewater rafting competition will

If there is such a thing as a miracle product, hemp would be a suitable contender for the title. According to Kit Doyle of Murphy Hemp Company, “It solves some of the world’s greatest problems. From biodegradable plastics, food, fiber, and natural medicine. [Hemp] has the ability to bring wealth

“A micro-dose is generally considered to be one-20th to one-10th of a recreational dose,” according to an article published by The Cut titled “Microdosing’s Micromovement.” “If someone’s seeing things, he or she has taken too much. Most people micro-dose mushrooms or LSD, but other drugs have also become popular of

Have you ever seen a retro trailer on the highway and wondered (or envied) where they were going? Chances are they may have been on their way to a rally, or into the woods to glamp (camping in style, and/or with amenities). The second annual Rally on the Rogue will

Summertime seems to be when we bring out our biggest boasts. Hot dog and pie eating contests. Watermelon seed spitting. And, since 1953, a chance to see whose rooster can crow the loudest. In its 65th year, the Rooster Crow Festival has become a beloved and steady event in Southern

Beer and yoga seem like the unlikeliest of combinations. Then again, people experience both things to “loosen up,” so why not put them together? As unlikely as it is exciting, Beer Yoga at Walkabout Brewing Company kicked off a month ago—May 5 to be exact—with just a few attendees, yet

Over the past several years, Medford Beer Week has ballooned to more than one hundred beer-related events. (And, actually the “week” is 10 days, June 7-16, but perhaps they are seeing double on some of those days.) From collaborations between some of the best breweries in the state, beer release

The annual Boatnik Celebration may be turning 60 this year, but it is nowhere near considering retirement. Hosted by the Grants Pass Active Club every Memorial Day weekend—May 24 to 28 this year—draws over 10,000 people to the parade alone, and nearly the entire population of Grants Pass in all.

Sixteen hot-air balloons and more than 50 large-scale kites—including the largest kite in the world which just happens to be an American flag—will fly over Grants Pass the first weekend in June at the second annual Balloon and Kite Festival. The sky will explode with color at the balloon launch

The words “silent” and “disco” seem like an inherent contradiction. But the sight of people dancing to live DJ-ed music broadcast to wireless headphones rimmed with blinking L.E.D. lights is well-known to those prone to taking strolls through Lithia Park in Ashland during summer evenings. But those silent discos, courtesy