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In a mountainous landscape, butterflies soar through the foreground, feeding on flowers and spreading their colorful wings. Dozens of different species occupy the canvas, representing Oregon in one of its truest forms. Deb Van Poolen’s butterfly project is one of education just as much as it is vibrant and peaceful.

Best Sports Team Winner: Sis-Q Rollerz Honorable Mention: Spartans Hockey Honorable Mention: SOU Raiders   Best Hiking Trail Winner: Table Rock Hon. Mention: Grizzly Peak Hon. Mention: RoxyAnn Peak Hon. Mention: Britt Trails   Best Mountain Bike Trail Winner: Time Warp Hon. Mention: Toothpick Hon. Mention: Mountain of the Rogue

Best Brewery Winner: Caldera Honorable Mention: Walkabout Honorable Mention (tie): Standing Stone Honorable Mention (tie): Opposition Brewing Company   Best Winery Winner: Del Rio Hon. Mention: Red Lily Hon. Mention: Roxy Ann   Best Margarita Winner: Taqueria Picario Hon. Mention: Agave Hon. Mention: Habanero’s Best Bar Winner: Immortal Spirits Hon.

Best Band Winner: Slow Corpse Honorable Mention: King Roy Wing Honorable Mention: The Evening Shades   Best Venue For Live Music Winner: Britt Festival Hon. Mention: Brickroom Hon. Mention: Howiee’s   Best Music Festival Winner: Britt Festival Hon. Mention: Apple Jam Hon. Mention: Peace Village Festival   Best Karaoke Winner:

Best Yoga Winner: Ashland Hot Yoga Winner: Natalie Stawsky at Ashland Hot Yoga Hon. Mention: Rasa Center for Yoga Hon. Mention: Soulshine Yoga Best Massage Therapist Winner: Micah Haines at Bear Creek Body Works Hon. Mention: Théresa Holliday at Rogue Health Hon. Mention: Micah Haines at Bear Creek Body Works

Best Politician Winner (tie): Kay Brooks (Medford City Council) Winner (tie): Jeff Merkley (U.S. Senator) Honorable Mention: Corey Falls (former Jackson County Sheriff) Honorable Mention: Carol Voisin (former Ashland City Council, 2004 – 2016) Honorable Mention: Clay Bearnson (Medford City Council)   Best Facebook Group for Locals Winner: Ashland Peeps

Best Dispensary Winner: Breeze Botanicals Honorable Mention: Pharm 2 Table Honorable Mention: Fireside   Best Budtender Winner: Eli Elliott at Breeze Bontanicals Hon. Mention: Megan at Talent Health Club Hon. Mention: Jesse Lee at Madrone Cannabis Club   Best Cannabis Strain Winner: Mawi Wawi/Maui Waui Hon. Mention: Madrone OG Hon.

Best New Restaurant Winner: Common Block Honorable Mention: Ram Honorable Mention:  Immortal Spirits   Best Restaurant With Outdoor Seating Winner: Porter’s Hon. Mention: Bella Union Hon. Mention: Smithfields   Best Farm/CSA Winner: Fry Family Farms Hon. Mention: Rogue Produce Hon. Mention: Barking Moon Farm   Best Chef Winner: William Snyder

Best Theater Winner: Puppeteers for Fears Hon. Mention: Oregon Cabaret Theater Hon. Mention: Camelot   Best Author Winner: Josh Gross Hon. Mention: Michael Spring Hon. Mention: J.R. Fox       Best Gallery Winner: Rogue Gallery & Art Center Hon. Mention: Ashland Art Center Hon. Mention: Schneider Museum   Best

Best Grocery Store Winner: Shop N Kart Hon. Mention: Food 4 Less Hon. Mention: WinCo Hon. Mention: Trader Joe’s   Best Vintage/Used Clothes Winner: Goodwill Hon. Mention: Three Penny Mercantile Hon. Mention: Déjà vu   Best Realtor Winner: Doug Morse Hon. Mention: Jake Rockwell Hon. Mention: Nate Sanford with Keller