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When the summer swelter hits and you and your dog just want some chill time, there is no reason to stay home with the A/C. The Rogue Valley has plenty of decks and patios for a brewski with Bowser, some fine wine with Fido, or even an old fashioned with

Touring bands passing through Southern Oregon between the Bay Area and Portland usually try to make a stop somewhere in the Rogue Valley. Medford, being the largest city in Southern Oregon, seems like the obvious destination. Ashland, being the cultural hub of the region also seems like a contender. But

We are lucky living in the Rogue Valley whether we know it or not. Portland is less than a five hour drive away and in between are some towns that are hosting some of the most exciting music festivals on the west coast. That means if you are willing to

In March, the masses spoke about their favorite local bands in our Best of the Rogue poll. They chose, Slow Corpse. But for our summer music preview, we skip the masses and poll the experts. We reach out to the folks on the ground level of the local music industry

Helmet, Sat., June 24 at Melomane in Medford Helmet, platinum-selling, stadium-playing, genuine global metal superstars, are playing an outdoor show in the downtown Medford Commons headlining the Melomane Music Festival. Besides the fact that’s it’s gonna be epic, it’s worth going just to see the confused looks on the faces

Things everyone hates about music festivals: traffic, claustrophobic crowds, high ticket prices, being trapped inside, price-gouging by vendors. Here’s what people like about music festivals: a lot of different acts to see in one central place. A new music festival in Grants Pass may not have holographic Tupac headlining, but

Thirty years ago, the answer to “what’s on tap?” was generally “Bud, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors,” maybe “Michelob” in an especially daring establishment. Even finding a bar that served Bass or Guiness required the adventurous spirit of legendary ‘80’s film explorer, Indiana Jones. No one possibly mistakes Craft Beer

Our annual literature issue meets springtime lust? A marriage, we thought, made in hog heaven. We asked readers to submit stories and poems about betrothed or betrayed. A few selections that our family-friendly newspaper could run:   Prom Nerd Revenge by Polly Greist Modern proms can be brilliant experiences, reflecting evolving attitudes

Even if you don’t recognize his name, you have seen Mike Royer’s art work. Born in Oregon, Mike Royer left for LA in his early 20s and started a career as a comic book illustrator, for some of the most recognizable characters and strips in history, like, oh say, Tarzan,

Comic Con wouldn’t exist without the countless iconic books and films preceding it. With the first modern comic book published in 1933, millions more have been published since then, as well as movies based on those stories. Writing team Paula M. Block and Terry Erdmann (who will be present at