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While you’re gazing at the solar eclipse on August 21, don’t forget to take a look around you. With its simplistic nature alone, this celestial event is expected to unite millions around the globe in reverent awe.   The last total eclipse viewable to Americans was 38 years ago and

Though it sounds like a pitch for a pyramid scheme, viewing this eclipse on August 21 is really the opportunity of a lifetime. It will be hundreds of years before something of its kind can be viewed here, and we will all be gone by then, no matter what the

February 26, 1979 in the U.S. might have looked a lot like what Monday, August 21 of this year will look like: hundreds of thousands of people gazing upward at the total solar eclipse. A total solar eclipse doesn’t come around that often, and presumably won’t be visible again until

It is two years since recreational marijuana was legalized in Oregon, and the business-end of weed has quickly emerged and matured into a multi-billion dollar industry, from farmers to retails, and side-businesses like marketing and equipment suppliers. To gauge the economic forecast for the industry, we asked a handful of

With the cannabis controversy wilting away, this multi-billion dollar business is stirring up a potpourri of business ventures. From software development, delivery services and cuisine connoisseurs, the weed industry is sprouting new and innovative entrepreneurs every day. These three Southern Oregon businesses have caught the wave being felt around the

Ah, Christmas in July. Tis the season to hit the river for rafting, fishing, kayaking, or just downright lounging. But how does the river feel about all this? We enlisted our local river expert, Director of Rogue Riverkeeper Robyn Janssen, to weigh in on what threatens our beloved Rogue River

When the summer swelter hits and you and your dog just want some chill time, there is no reason to stay home with the A/C. The Rogue Valley has plenty of decks and patios for a brewski with Bowser, some fine wine with Fido, or even an old fashioned with

Touring bands passing through Southern Oregon between the Bay Area and Portland usually try to make a stop somewhere in the Rogue Valley. Medford, being the largest city in Southern Oregon, seems like the obvious destination. Ashland, being the cultural hub of the region also seems like a contender. But

We are lucky living in the Rogue Valley whether we know it or not. Portland is less than a five hour drive away and in between are some towns that are hosting some of the most exciting music festivals on the west coast. That means if you are willing to

In March, the masses spoke about their favorite local bands in our Best of the Rogue poll. They chose, Slow Corpse. But for our summer music preview, we skip the masses and poll the experts. We reach out to the folks on the ground level of the local music industry