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Even if you don’t recognize his name, you have seen Mike Royer’s art work. Born in Oregon, Mike Royer left for LA in his early 20s and started a career as a comic book illustrator, for some of the most recognizable characters and strips in history, like, oh say, Tarzan,

Comic Con wouldn’t exist without the countless iconic books and films preceding it. With the first modern comic book published in 1933, millions more have been published since then, as well as movies based on those stories. Writing team Paula M. Block and Terry Erdmann (who will be present at

Try thinking of a place with more lore, more fanatics, and more knowledge about fiction than Comic Con. The worldwide convention has become a time to argue, geek out, and love on anyone’s favorite comic books, TV shows, and movies. Two experts who will be at Medford Comic Con have

With all the big name super hero movies and TV shows, there are just as many independent comic book and graphic novel series in print form and on the web. Southern Oregon local Maddie Cull is one example of someone pursuing originality in this creative art form. “I think what

On first read, Ted Helard’s life bears some resemblances to the superheroes on his comic pages. For one, he lives a double life. By day, he’s an executive chef and adjunct professor. By night—or whenever he has a moment between jobs—he creates his illustrations. In the first chapter of this

Hoping to run into a superhero at the Medford ComicCon? Bad news. Affordable Housing Man will not be making an appearance. Since other Rogue Valley problems have yet to reach global-crisis level, neither will Superman, Batman, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, or Spider Man. BAM! You

Public lands are a great societal equalizer, available to everyone regardless of one’s class, creed, or color. Yet this shared heritage, so unique to our country, is being attacked from fringe interests that seek to seize ownership, or worse, sell-off our public lands to the highest bidder for financial gain

Oregon is known as being a leader in environmental responsibility, whether that means protecting public lands or turning garbage into items that can be used again. But peek under the lid of that comingled recycling cart, and some of these practices are not as neat and clean as they first

Imagine what it is to sense the world around you as if you had the body of a butterfly. Sensing various degrees of light and color, UV rays and heat with your eyes, and your blood changing with the air temperature. When the sun has risen far enough in the

Two days after the recent presidential elections, after Donald Trump’s surprising victory, Richard Herskowitz was in Texas for the Houston Cinema Arts Festival. Many of artists and filmmakers were floored and the mood, says Herskowitz. Likewise, about that same time in New York, the cast of “Hamilton” addressed then-Vice President-elect