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Comprised of five galleries and a sculpture garden in one space, Ashland Art Works is a tranquil and evocative place to enjoy and view art. Member and secretary Claudia Law was drawn to the galleries years ago as a visitor—and then she decided to become part of the community.  “It

In diaries, blogs, or on napkins in a restaurant, many people use writing as therapy. For author Georgia Cockerham this is no exception, and she will be sharing her work at Bloomsbury Books in Ashland on Thursday, September 27. “In 2003, I experienced the greatest tragedy of my life when

Americans shop online, communicate through text, slack and e-mail, converse with Alexa and drive connected to GPS. Is the writing on the wall? Are board games and card games a thing of the past? Not in the Rogue Valley where some gaming centers are thriving. These centers specialize in analog

When we see a logo of a local or nation-wide business, we don’t often think about the thought that went into designing it. Sometimes the logo is as simple as the business’s name in a timeless font, yet someone still spent time creating it. Since 2009 Laurel Briggs of Creative

Coloring is a big part of children’s lives, whether parents are encouraging their kids to color in the lines or color on every inch of the paper. But Sarah F. Burns’ mom didn’t give her coloring books, even though she was encouraging her artistic skills. “I have been serious about

Tipping their hats to a new school year and a fresh start, many local theatres start their new seasons in the fall. And while some offer summer productions, others took a break, but it is clear that everyone is ready to hit the stage running. Shows range from romantic classics

Sometimes just sitting and watching theatre isn’t enough for the truly involved spectator. Instead of throwing popcorn, Barnstormers Theatre in Grants Pass wants the viewers to join in the fun on stage for their final weekend of their annual summer melodrama Dogsbreath Devereaux, the Dastardly Doctor on August 10, 11

For Jenay Elder, choosing art as her life’s focus wasn’t simply because she was growing up and needed to make a decision. Her life experiences, as well as her artistic talents, brought her to the path of artistry. “I decided to pick up oil painting, and art as my life

Dance is about more than the music, more than the movements. Consider the colors, the expressions on the dancer’s faces; then consider everything else. Ballet Folklorico Ritmo Alegre started in the Rogue Valley nearly 25 years ago when Mexican-America high school students wanted to pursue this traditional yet stylized dancing.

“Anyone can relate to Pippin’s dream of being a remarkable and memorable person,” asserts Lauren Panter. “Don’t we all want complete fulfillment in our lives?” The Lead Player in Randall Theatre’s production Pippin, Panter begs an important, if inconclusive, question. In the play, originally performed as a musical in 1972,