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  Eugene Bennett is best known for his luminescent paintings, mid-century modern watercolors that build on the legacies of Monet and Seurat. But his legacy also is helping build another generation of southern Oregon artists. Born in Central Point, Bennett joined the U.S. Navy during the final years of World

Like so many young Ashlanders, Sarah Kreisman has done time on the mean streets of Portland. But she found the streets in the city’s famed Belmont and Hawthorne districts a little less mean. “Those neighborhoods that had those beautiful little benches and libraries,” says Kreisman. “It felt like I was

From New Orleans to Boston to the Rogue Valley, art has found Marigny Goodyear everywhere she goes. Throughout August, Goodyear is featuring her abstract art, titled “Naturals,” that began with an opening reception earlier this month. Her work has been showcased at Ashland Design Studio and in Bend at Legum

As we exited the theater after seeing, Off the Rails, which opened at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival on July 27, and will run through October 28, my girlfriend said exactly what I was already thinking: “That’s going to be hard to write about.” And boy howdy was she right. The

While art education in many school curriculums are less funded, that doesn’t mean children can’t learn or practice art outside of school. For years Central Art Supply in downtown Medford has been offering classes to anyone interested, regardless of age. “Central Art offers a space in which local art instructors

Like the burning streets of Hamburg, 15th century England degenerates amidst belligerence and civil war. Seditious forces seek to subvert the crown of King Henry IV, while he is ill and despondent at home, conjoining his jeweled crown with striped pajamas. The tempestuous clamor of Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Henry IV

Laughter pours out of a room full of paint and easels. The longer the night goes on the louder the laughter grows, and by the end everyone poses with the same paintings, the night’s instructor, Tika Nicole Weeks, smiling right along with them. Owner, artist, and art instructor Visions of

A rookie director working with a cast of the A-list, veteran actors in town. Intense competition for the season’s hottest tickets amongst the town’s citizens, and potentially crushing disappointment for those who won’t get a seat. A courageous band of selfless believers in live community theater battling colossal media companies

No matter how gifted or experienced the artist, art can be a constant teacher. Jamie McPartland claims she’s no exception. For its 33rd year of showcasing Britt Festivals visually, McPartland’s art piece, “Arcadian Triptych,” has been selected as its Fine Arts Poster for this season. Triptych is a piece represented

Between the young exiting in droves, and the old moving here in equal numbers, the Rogue Valley is a bit like the Iowa of the Pacific Northwest: charming and homely, but ultimately a few years behind on the latest fads. Consequently, the pervading musical milieu in local clubs is often