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In a Monet-esque painting, a deer frolics through a green-infested landscape. Local painter Phillipo LoGrande brings the deer’s story to life page by page, making it a colorful story any child would love to read. Visiting 38 states and 11 countries as a traveling artist brings about all kinds of

Coming in like a typhoon, singer/songwriter/performer/author Storm Large rings in the holiday with some kick ass. On December 30, Large will perform her Holiday Ordeal concert at the Craterian Theater, debuting one particularly special tribute. “I wrote a rock and roll song called ‘Christmas In The Hotel’,” she explains, a

Burlesque isn’t a just a tassel loving bump and grind where women shed their clothing. Burlesque today pushes the edges of physically rigorous dance and provocative performance. And it continues to reinvent itself against the American backdrop of taboo and puritanical values. It’s the expression of sexuality, an homage to

A great challenge in art is capturing a time in history, whether it’s an event or an emotion, perfectly on the page, canvas, or brick wall. Bob Eding has been a pro at depicting a point in time for decades now, recently finishing up a mural on the Rogue River

  After thirteen years fighting for an end to the Iraq war and the rights of military personnel and their families, author and advocate Stacy Bannerman has come to embrace a much wider, deeper perspective of her journey and the welfare of the planet we live on. “The war on

Local artist Cammy Davis didn’t grow up watching TV, but was left to entertain herself with anything else she could get her hands on. “At five or six I remember doing this little painting I did for my grandma and she kept it in her recipe book and I saw

It began in 1979 when a group of friends decided to get together weekly and paint outdoors. Today, 38 years later, this collection of artists known as the Artists’ Workshop of Southern Oregon still answers the call to paint “en plein air.” “It’s French, meaning you paint out in the

Momix is perhaps one of the most populist contemporary dance companies in the world; that is, they have already been to your living room and have brought the funky acrobatics and fluid contortions usually reserved for SoHo arthouses to mainstream America through a Hanes underwear ad with dancers rolling on

Why should Ebert and Roeper get to have all the fun? Or Rotten Tomatoes make up their own “tomatometer”? Not only do the viewers of the annual Ashland New Plays Festival on October 18 through 22 get to give their opinion on the plays presented, but the playwrights are right

“I guess I had beginner’s luck,” says Cathy Gallatin, People’s Choice Award winner for the 2004 Art Along the Rogue Festival. “I think what it was—to be honest with you—was I had five pictures and I was so nervous I had no idea which one I wanted to do. I