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With all the big name super hero movies and TV shows, there are just as many independent comic book and graphic novel series in print form and on the web. Southern Oregon local Maddie Cull is one example of someone pursuing originality in this creative art form. “I think what

In the opening scenes of UniSon, the character Poet (Steven Sapp) finds himself pulled back, unwillingly, to the land of the living when his Apprentice (Asia Mark), like a latter-day Pandora, opens a trunk of his unpublished work. This postmortal invasion of his carefully hidden secrets unleashes the Poet’s seven

Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk brings in the spring and also new, stunning art. It’s a day to explore artwork that’s new or old, as well as support local galleries. The Art Walk on Friday, April 7, welcomed a new art gallery with old and new pieces, called American Trails.

America has now been at war for decades, and in various degrees of conflict with other nations in the rare moments our boots remain off the ground. But for most Americans, living in a giant country bordered by oceans instead of countries with generations-long blood-feuds, war is an abstraction, something

Few dance companies are able to host a resident choreographer. Sure, Oregon Ballet has one, but they also have a massive budget and dozens of dancers. Most other dance companies hire out performance to performance, or borrow blueprints from already performed dances. But NW Dance is not like many dance

Through a jellyfish-like structure illuminated by colorful lights Vanessa Renwick’s art installation “Medusa Smack” encapsulates a peaceful easy feeling. The installation will open at Schneider Museum of Art on Wednesday, April 5, and that Saturday, April 8, Renwick’s installation will be accompanied by musician Tara Jane O’Neil. “It’s a dome

These are days, we are told, of mobile phone zombies and the reflexive twitch of fingers on social media 24-7. Can community theater survive an era when eyes are fused to screens? It has taken its blows, but for many folks in the Rogue Valley, theater is not just entertainment,

In a mountainous landscape, butterflies soar through the foreground, feeding on flowers and spreading their colorful wings. Dozens of different species occupy the canvas, representing Oregon in one of its truest forms. Deb Van Poolen’s butterfly project is one of education just as much as it is vibrant and peaceful.

With all of the art galleries of the deep artistic talent in Southern Oregon, there are plenty of opportunities to purchase and own what local artists have created. Saturday, March 18, local artist Toreah Foy is auctioning her art at the GoodBean Coffee Company in Jacksonville. All art sold will

Performing arts companies must strike a balance between safety and adventure. If they choose musicals, symphonies, or dances which are popular and familiar—Music Man or Mozart or Tchaikovsky—they might win crowds, but sacrifice artistic integrity and performers’ motivation. If they take the cutting edge route—Lorca or Shostakovich or Graham—yes, perhaps