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When I first saw The Lion King Broadway show in my 20s, I was transported back to third grade when I first saw the original animated Disney version in the movie theater. The talking safari animals were mesmerizing, the music was catchy, and all my friends were there watching it

Dear Dawn and Mary, I had the very fortunate opportunity to see the respective plays you directed, The Merry Wives of Windsor and The Odyssey at OSF’s Allen Elizabethan Theater on opening night. In short, the shows delivered an excellent evening’s entertainment. You both faced serious challenges in the material

Open to interpretation and simply worthy of the public’s admiration, George Shively’s art displayed at Cafe 116 is experimental and telling of his lifelong maturation process in art. Until the end of this month, Shively’s colorful and abstract artwork, titled “Of Creation,” will hang on the walls of the quaint

John Beeson isn’t a household name. He doesn’t have mountain peaks in southern Oregon named for him. An English emigrant, Beeson settled in Illinois in the 1830s, and his farm served as a waystation for the underground railroad, before walking with his wife and son as far west as Talent.

After suffering a particularly bleak winter in the Rogue Valley, it’s no wonder people are ready to embrace the brightness and colors of Spring. Art & Soul Gallery’s newest exhibit featuring Alx Fox’s acrylic paintings is dubbing her latest installment “A Celebration of Color.” “After a long wet winter in

“The American system stands for the highest hope of an excellent worldly life that mankind has yet ventured–the hope that men can be improved without being fettered, that they can be saved without even vicariously being nailed to the cross.” Herbert Croly, The Promise of American Life. The American Promise

One of the greatest beauties of art is learning from it. While it’s a business and an art form, Juniperous also teaches the public about creating clothes sustainably and naturally. Starting her business in Montana and making her way to Jacksonville, Mattie Morton has been studying and practicing using natural

Photographers, painters, jewelers, and horticulturists display their hard work under the warming sun in downtown Medford, proving that spring is in the air. May 13 and 14, Art in Bloom will celebrate its 17th year with over 95 local artisans showcasing their talents and work and making themselves available to

With all the big name super hero movies and TV shows, there are just as many independent comic book and graphic novel series in print form and on the web. Southern Oregon local Maddie Cull is one example of someone pursuing originality in this creative art form. “I think what

In the opening scenes of UniSon, the character Poet (Steven Sapp) finds himself pulled back, unwillingly, to the land of the living when his Apprentice (Asia Mark), like a latter-day Pandora, opens a trunk of his unpublished work. This postmortal invasion of his carefully hidden secrets unleashes the Poet’s seven