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Why should Ebert and Roeper get to have all the fun? Or Rotten Tomatoes make up their own “tomatometer”? Not only do the viewers of the annual Ashland New Plays Festival on October 18 through 22 get to give their opinion on the plays presented, but the playwrights are right

“I guess I had beginner’s luck,” says Cathy Gallatin, People’s Choice Award winner for the 2004 Art Along the Rogue Festival. “I think what it was—to be honest with you—was I had five pictures and I was so nervous I had no idea which one I wanted to do. I

When asked to think about stained glass, you might envision the large windows of a church or cathedral. Maybe you’re reminded of a small stained glass window at an old friend or grandparent’s house. Since retiring from teaching, Jannie Ledard has been focusing her artistic energy and talent on stained

In the spirit of new takes on old classics, like Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief or O Brother, Where Art Thou?, playwright C. Scott Wilkerson’s Seven Dreams of Falling focuses on Greek mythology’s Icarus, and his struggles with others and himself. The production will premiere at Collaborate Theatre Project

A balmy summer day opens on an egret-filled pond. Flowers dot the earthy landscape and trees border the marshy wetlands. It’s a painting so beautiful and vibrant one might want to jump into it. This oil painting by Penny Simons, as well as several others, are on display at Art

On the surface, being locked in a room unable to escape is a nightmare. But for Kerri Franklin, owner of Escape Ashland, it’s a great family activity. “Once you do one [escape room], you get hooked,” she says. “Whenever you go to a new city, it’s like, ‘oh, do they

  Eugene Bennett is best known for his luminescent paintings, mid-century modern watercolors that build on the legacies of Monet and Seurat. But his legacy also is helping build another generation of southern Oregon artists. Born in Central Point, Bennett joined the U.S. Navy during the final years of World

Like so many young Ashlanders, Sarah Kreisman has done time on the mean streets of Portland. But she found the streets in the city’s famed Belmont and Hawthorne districts a little less mean. “Those neighborhoods that had those beautiful little benches and libraries,” says Kreisman. “It felt like I was

From New Orleans to Boston to the Rogue Valley, art has found Marigny Goodyear everywhere she goes. Throughout August, Goodyear is featuring her abstract art, titled “Naturals,” that began with an opening reception earlier this month. Her work has been showcased at Ashland Design Studio and in Bend at Legum

As we exited the theater after seeing, Off the Rails, which opened at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival on July 27, and will run through October 28, my girlfriend said exactly what I was already thinking: “That’s going to be hard to write about.” And boy howdy was she right. The