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Tuula Rebhahn

Tuula Rebhahn

At the close of a long and exceptionally gray winter, Rogue Valley residents may feel they have a whole new understanding of the word “dark.” Robert Preston gets it. In fact, it may be safe to say that the weather plays a character of its own in his new locally

Quick, what kind of wine pairs best with an aged gouda? How about this one: How many cheesemakers are there in the state of Oregon? Luckily, the region’s biggest cheese festival is happening March 18 and 19 at Rogue Creamery in Central Point—and can answer these and other burning cheese

The roots of human suffering are ancient and enduring, which is why 2,500 year-old-stories can still speak to us today. Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles is an entirely modern take on the Greek tragedy of Medea, and from script to staging successfully conveys the sense of

Jeanine Moy, outreach director for KS Wild, is aware that the event she’s organizing may at first seem counterintuitive. To promote wild, outdoor places, she wants people to spend a long weekend afternoon gathered in an auditorium, watching films. Then again, her organization’s mission is not just to get people

The day after the 2016 presidential election, many people felt let down by their fellow citizens. For women and members of other historically marginalized groups, discouragement gave way to fear as they considered the ways the new administration would/could affect their lives. While dropping her daughter off at school in

Whoever invented the sport of cyclocross had to be a little bit twisted. Clearly, they enjoyed both the demands of cross-country foot races—navigating obstacles with speed and endurance—as well as the distinctive challenges of bicycling in hilly and muddy terrain. Cyclocross requires all of the above, plus a little extra

There’s no telling what will happen next when a woman unexpectedly show up at her ex-husband’s filthy trailer twenty years after vanishing completely from his life. That’s the short version of Annapurna. For the long version, it helps to understand Ulysses, played by Peter Alzado, a curmudgeon, poet, and recovering

On a recent cool, smoky night in Ashland, nature’s own special effects couldn’t be more fitting for Shakespeare’s genre-defining revenge play. In this updated version of the familiar story, the deliciously dark pairing of drama and heavy metal floats like an eerie ghost above the audience. Dressed in boots and

Phoenix-Talent School District spans three cities with five schools—Phoenix High School, Talent Middle School, Orchard Hill Elementary in Medford, and elementary schools in Phoenix and Talent. That’s 2700 students. Superintendent Teresa Sayre is retiring next year after 30 years in education; 18 at this particular district. Sayre is known in

I was taking an evening walk along the bike path in Ashland a few weeks ago when I heard a strange noise. Shuffling, squeaking, grunting and an occasional “thock!” like a plastic mallet hitting a chunk of rubber. Drawn to the sodium lights of a nearby tennis court, I witnessed