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Nolan Kenmonth

Nolan Kenmonth

Autumn is here once again, and with it comes to glorious bounty of the harvest. The shadows grow longer, the golden sunsets set the sky on fire, and smells like wood, caramel and straw bring back memories of harvest traditions and happy Halloween nights.  When approaching the Harry & David

When the idea for something new is born in our minds, it is a kind of magic that can take hold of us and lead us to faraway places. The most successful creators have fulfilled their dreams with the support of their crew, their company, their team. For creators in

Few outdoor activities compare to the pleasures of riding a bike. The cool and refreshing wind, the rest of the world flashing by in a continuous, blurring stream, the thrill of competition, these elements can be brought together to bring out the best in us. This is where the 39th

Fall is upon us once again. The days grow shorter, the evenings and mornings cooler, and the trees paint the world around us in their brilliant shades of orange, yellow and rusty red, and the salmon make their annual return to our waters. The Bear Creek Fall Festival will be

Nestled comfortably within a small shopping center in Talent, Oregon is Julek’s Polish Kitchen, a restaurant that has arrived at the crossroads of generations of family recipes and a new sense of GMO-free ingredients. The exterior is neat and non-intrusive, with a handful of outdoor tables and chairs perfect for

Whether it be a masked vigilante who leaps across city rooftops in the night, or a great warrior fighting for glory in a faraway land (or galaxy), cosplayers the world over continue to find new and inventive ways to share their fandoms with the world. And with Medford and Meadowlark

  Ghosts come in so many shapes and sizes, as do the ghost stories we tell. Phantoms, echoes of lost lives, figures who may or may not actually be there, the kinds of stories to be told on a dark night can be enchanting or wonderfully chilling—and with central characters

Our world is one that does not always give us tangible results, or a clear distinction between right and wrong. The consequences of our choices and actions are not always immediately visible to us, which can harm our resolve. Lindsey Grayzel’s documentary film The Reluctant Radical invites the audience to

A good meal is a good memory. I can recall many happy evenings spent in restaurants with family and friends throughout my life, taking in the sights, smells and flavors that would bombard the senses. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Hither in Ashland, and left with a new

It is not a logical extension that a wedding photo and event planning service would birth a film company that makes horror films. Or, perhaps it sounds like a plot from a horror film itself, a wedding that turns to gore. But that is, somewhat, how ROW 211 came about.