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Jordan Marie McCaw

Jordan Marie McCaw

Since graduating from Eastern Nazarene College in the Boston area with a B.A. in Journalism and Writing, Jordan Martinez has been writing and copy editing for a few different publications, including the Rogue Valley Messenger. She loved living on the other side of the country for three brief years, but Southern Oregon is truly where she belongs. She also writes for, Showcase Magazine, and is the Copy Editor for Southern Oregon Magazine and Las Vegas Golf & Leisure Magazine. When she isn't writing articles, she's either working on her next book, reading, drawing, watching “There Will Be Blood,” or pulling shots at GoodBean in Jacksonville. You can check out her artwork at, where she's been featured and loves using the site as a creative outlet:

A filmmaker is always studying and learning from other filmmakers, drawing from long developed skills and enriching talent. Local filmmaker Ron Huffstutter has been learning from others for years, leading to founding his own film company. “I’ve spent the last five years in Southern Oregon working in the independent film

From working the nightshift at Sawyer Paddles as a college student to becoming the president and designer of the company, Peter “Crazy-Pete” Newport understands the meaning of dedication more than most. Outdoor sports enthusiast and professional, Peter Newport has been integral to the 50 year old paddle, oar, raft, and

Laughter pours out of a room full of paint and easels. The longer the night goes on the louder the laughter grows, and by the end everyone poses with the same paintings, the night’s instructor, Tika Nicole Weeks, smiling right along with them. Owner, artist, and art instructor Visions of

The sloping yellow hills and green, forested peaks of Oregon glide hundreds of feet below like colored wrinkles in the Earth. Somewhere there’s a sliver of water weaving its way through the mountains. This shot is achieved by an aerial drone, flown by Mark Unger, founder of Sky Lakes Media

No matter how gifted or experienced the artist, art can be a constant teacher. Jamie McPartland claims she’s no exception. For its 33rd year of showcasing Britt Festivals visually, McPartland’s art piece, “Arcadian Triptych,” has been selected as its Fine Arts Poster for this season. Triptych is a piece represented

A pizza chain claiming to be “super fast” also hopefully claims to be super good. At Mod Pizza, those expectations were met when my fiancee and I dined there on a warm summer’s evening. Mod Pizza opened at Northgate Marketplace in Medford Feb. 2, giving away a free pizza or

All summer long organizations and clubs are offering summer camps for children to learn, be entertained, and explore. Here are just a few, though the types of camps are endless in the Rogue Valley.   Coyote Trails School of Nature: July 16 thru 22, Fox Trail Adventure will take attendees

Spring and summer are about shedding off winter coats and getting back outdoors. Warmer seasons are also about cold brew coffee. Brewed at room temperature or cold water for several hours, typically overnight, cold brew ranges from nutty to earthy flavors depending on the roast. In other words, cold brew

Since TV shows like “The Office” and movies like Best in Show, mockumentaries have become an overwhelmingly popular genre in comedy. YouTube web series created and directed by Mig Windows and Sean Marc Nipper, How to Marry a Vampire is a mockumentary reminiscent of “The Bachelorette.” In fact, the show

Open to interpretation and simply worthy of the public’s admiration, George Shively’s art displayed at Cafe 116 is experimental and telling of his lifelong maturation process in art. Until the end of this month, Shively’s colorful and abstract artwork, titled “Of Creation,” will hang on the walls of the quaint