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Jordan Marie McCaw

Jordan Marie McCaw

Since graduating from Eastern Nazarene College in the Boston area with a B.A. in Journalism and Writing, Jordan Martinez has been writing and copy editing for a few different publications, including the Rogue Valley Messenger. She loved living on the other side of the country for three brief years, but Southern Oregon is truly where she belongs. She also writes for, Showcase Magazine, and is the Copy Editor for Southern Oregon Magazine and Las Vegas Golf & Leisure Magazine. When she isn't writing articles, she's either working on her next book, reading, drawing, watching “There Will Be Blood,” or pulling shots at GoodBean in Jacksonville. You can check out her artwork at, where she's been featured and loves using the site as a creative outlet:

On a sunny, albeit smoky day, kayakers, rafters, and paddle boarders work hard, though they’re not all staying dry. Spectators gather to watch them flip over into the whitewater, soar through rapids, and work as a team. In its sixth year, the King of the Rogue whitewater rafting competition will

For Jenay Elder, choosing art as her life’s focus wasn’t simply because she was growing up and needed to make a decision. Her life experiences, as well as her artistic talents, brought her to the path of artistry. “I decided to pick up oil painting, and art as my life

While summer means lounging by the pool for some, for others it means just the opposite: Getting out there and going with kayaking. The first and perhaps the most obvious choice is the Rogue River. With several places to rent a kayak or raft in the surrounding area, the 35

Meticulously selected, practiced, and performed, this season for Britt Orchestra has been masterfully thematic, though not without a few challenges along the way (um, the smoke monster!). The last two performances for the orchestra are Aug. 10 and 11. In commemoration of Leonard Bernstein’s 100th birthday, several of the symphonies

If there is such a thing as a miracle product, hemp would be a suitable contender for the title. According to Kit Doyle of Murphy Hemp Company, “It solves some of the world’s greatest problems. From biodegradable plastics, food, fiber, and natural medicine. [Hemp] has the ability to bring wealth

Dance is about more than the music, more than the movements. Consider the colors, the expressions on the dancer’s faces; then consider everything else. Ballet Folklorico Ritmo Alegre started in the Rogue Valley nearly 25 years ago when Mexican-America high school students wanted to pursue this traditional yet stylized dancing.

“Anyone can relate to Pippin’s dream of being a remarkable and memorable person,” asserts Lauren Panter. “Don’t we all want complete fulfillment in our lives?” The Lead Player in Randall Theatre’s production Pippin, Panter begs an important, if inconclusive, question. In the play, originally performed as a musical in 1972,

Summertime seems to be when we bring out our biggest boasts. Hot dog and pie eating contests. Watermelon seed spitting. And, since 1953, a chance to see whose rooster can crow the loudest. In its 65th year, the Rooster Crow Festival has become a beloved and steady event in Southern

Six feet and two inches from the hole and it’s time to use the putter. The weighted, soft burl wood putter gently guides the golf ball home. Thinking about how one gets into making wooden golf putters, dealing with surviving nuclear explosions probably wouldn’t cross one’s mind. But for Bradley

A mug with a personalized message tends to be the one people take special care of. Hand painted piggy banks seem to never be broken because of the memories held on the surface’s patterns. David Willhite opened Pottery Canvas & Stone in Grants Pass on May 16. Art has been