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Jordan Marie McCaw

Jordan Marie McCaw

Since graduating from Eastern Nazarene College in the Boston area with a B.A. in Journalism and Writing, Jordan Martinez has been writing and copy editing for a few different publications, including the Rogue Valley Messenger. She loved living on the other side of the country for three brief years, but Southern Oregon is truly where she belongs. She also writes for, Showcase Magazine, and is the Copy Editor for Southern Oregon Magazine and Las Vegas Golf & Leisure Magazine. When she isn't writing articles, she's either working on her next book, reading, drawing, watching “There Will Be Blood,” or pulling shots at GoodBean in Jacksonville. You can check out her artwork at, where she's been featured and loves using the site as a creative outlet:

Many of Ryan Moon’s paintings focus on one person or object, but the background bears an array of natural colors, like browns, greys and blues, that heighten whatever or whoever is the center of the piece. And in this particular gallery event, on July 29 at the Insurance Lounge in

It’s one thing to be able to play multiple instruments, but it’s another to be able to play multiple instruments with the americana-style freedom Tony Furtado will bring to the Talent Club on Friday, July 29. “My hope is to make the listener feel something!,” Portland-based Furtado says about the

To get our BBQ issue started right, we sent our reporter to find the freshest cuts and finest meat markets in the region. She brought back a salivating selection of shops.   Montgomery’s Meat & Jerry’s Custom Processing A butcher shop that began in Weed, California expanded to Central Point

“Everything the audience hears at an American Arson show is being created live on the stage––no computers or backing tracks or anything like that,” says Evan Baker, vocalist and guitarist for Detroit band American Arson. “We take a lot of pride in that.” Since most bands do the same, it

Ashland’s oldest art gallery represents more than just artists, but an array of creativity both on canvases and ceramics that capture the whimsical nature of humans, the beauty of nature, and different cultures. Hanson Howard Art Gallery, founded by Judy Howard and recently joined by Élan Chardin Gombart, holds a

Walking through Betty LaDuke’s workspace, where tall, colorful panels depict men and women picking fruit surrounded by green leaves, is like walking through the orchards themselves, picking ripe pears and breathing in their sweet scent. “It starts with my sketchbook,” LaDuke says. One of the most important things for her

The perfect recipe: a deep love for baking and a fascination of mysteries at an early age. This culinary masterpiece is Ellie Alexander’s new book, Caught Bread Handed, fresh out of the oven June 28, and is the fourth installment of her “Bakeshop Mystery” series. Hungry for more? Check out

Switchfoot and Lacrae Before the release of Switchfoot’s tenth album, “Where the Light Shines Through,” on July 8, the band will make its way through Southern Oregon with Lacrae. Recently the band released two songs from their upcoming album to tease fans of what’s to come. This show will no

Part of the joy of summertime is top-down, windows-down, road tripping. And, what better designation than a music concert to set a soundtrack and purpose to that road trip? The Messenger swings your compass north, south and east for some of the summer’s best shows. Or, what’s that? Don’t agree?

For our Summer Music Guide, the Messenger checks out a couple music videos from local bands: The Brothers Reed Focal Fire films brothers Aaron and Phil Reed of the band Brothers Reed sit comfortably in barber chairs while announcing their nationwide tour and reminding listeners of their recently released album,