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Christopher Lucas

Christopher Lucas

Short films are the incubator of cinema. Whether from a new talent stretching their wings or experienced hands trying out new visual styles and techniques, short films present a less expensive, faster alternative to the epic struggles of long-form filmmaking. Often, a short film—typically, five to thirty minutes in length—is

In the opening scenes of UniSon, the character Poet (Steven Sapp) finds himself pulled back, unwillingly, to the land of the living when his Apprentice (Asia Mark), like a latter-day Pandora, opens a trunk of his unpublished work. This postmortal invasion of his carefully hidden secrets unleashes the Poet’s seven

On April 11, a diverse audience crowded into Meese Auditorium at Southern Oregon University for a screening of Kyle Simpson’s student short Junk, and a panel discussion on the opioid crisis in the Rogue Valley. The size and composition of the crowd testified to the broad reach of this epidemic

When the Mountains Tremble, Granito: How to Nail a Dictator, and 500 Years Revisiting When the Mountains Tremble (1983) for the first time in years is apt to take the viewer back to their first encounter with this remarkable documentary. I first watched the film in the 1990s, not long

A great marriage is a work of art, and the charming Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story is a heartfelt tribute to a couple that put their hearts and souls into a lasting creative and romantic partnership. Harold Michelson had an enviable career as a storyboard artist, art director,

These are days, we are told, of mobile phone zombies and the reflexive twitch of fingers on social media 24-7. Can community theater survive an era when eyes are fused to screens? It has taken its blows, but for many folks in the Rogue Valley, theater is not just entertainment,

The Rogue Valley may feel it’s getting drenched with rain this year, but that isn’t any reason to huddle indoors like hibernating bears. The region has plenty of rainy-day diversions for anyone with a good water-resistant jacket and a thermos of hot coffee. Rogue River Greenway: This forested, four-mile paved